Betting, winnings and EV

One of the most important principles that every betting professional needs to learn and know is EV ( expected value ). It is an abstract concept that indicates how much profit is expected to be made from a bet if it is made infinitely. For example, if someone gave a 3: 1 ratio to a coin toss, then EV would be positive. With such a bet, it is possible to lose a very large number of times in a row, but as the number of throws increases, the probability of a total profit would increase.

Of course, calculating the true expected value of a bet in betting will be much more difficult than in the example above. When placing bets on winners, total points or the like, EV will be much more abstract. However, this concept is very useful in cases where new bets are tested that have clearer probabilities. For 사설토토 , at the beginning of a football match, a coin is tossed, the result of which decides which team will receive the ball (depending on the choice of the football team captain). If the betting company offers such a bet, then it is not difficult to calculate the EV of such bets using a multiplier.

Betting, winnings and EV

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