How to make money with sports betting: 10 tricks that will surprise you

Make your Bet ✔

This is the most important part, because after creating the account, what we have left is to bet on any sports discipline that is auctioned. The steps to follow at this point are as follows:

Practice with the test modes . 안전놀이터 allows you to learn how the exchange house works, practice without involving money and, of course, create strategies that allow you to obtain better results.
Calculate Spread. The spread is responsible for measuring the profitability offered by the bookmaker and is the first thing you should calculate, since it gives the indications to know if it is a safe bet or with true chances of winning or if everything is fixed. To calculate the spread, the formula is as follows: Probability = 100 / odds = Result in Percentage (%), then all the odds results are added and the percentage must be less than 100, otherwise the bet is settled.
Winning Formulas. If your spread is negative or less than 100, start analyzing the bet and apply formulas to win the bet, you can bet on the three odds or two odds, through the following triangulation:

Winner A =Odd A: Initial bet amount

Tie= Quota A x Initial Bet Amount / Quota B

Winner B: Odds A x Initial Bet Amount / Odds C

✶ Fees are set by the exchange house.

There are other strategies or formulas to win sports bets, which we will talk about later. But, betting on 3 installments is the most used because you are always sure of winning.

Once the entire play and the amount to bet for each installment have been calculated , what you must do is make the deposit and bet.

How to make money with sports betting: 10 tricks that will surprise you

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