Sports betting: How to bet online?

Register at a bookmaker

To be able to place sports bets online, you must first of all register with a bookmaker. A bookmaker – understand sports betting site – is an entity that allows you to bet money on sporting events. There are several today in Portugal, all licensed by the SRIJ (government body that regulates online games). We can mention, for example, Betano, Betclic, Betway, houses with the highest market share, but also others, such as Nossa Aposta, Casino Estoril, Casino Portugal or Placard. After choosing the bookmaker that best fits your profile (see our ranking of the best sites if necessary), go to their official website (,, …) and click on the “Register” button link. From there, you will find a registration form, which you must complete by providing the requested documents. For more information on this subject, consult our pages dedicated to each bookmaker.
2. Deposit money into your account

After opening and activating your account at the bookmaker of your choice, the next step will be to make a deposit. Because, of course, without money, you won’t be able to bet online. To do this, go to the area dedicated to deposits, which can be found in the menu of your betting account. Afterwards, you will be directed to a page with different possible payment methods, such as bank cards or, in some cases, even Multibanco. Choose the payment method you want, indicate the amount you want to deposit and then confirm the transaction. When this step is completed, the funds will be credited to your account. Money that you will use to bet online, of course.
3. Find your favorite game

Once your betting account is validated and credited with funds, you can start placing your sports bets. To do this, the first step will obviously be to find the game you want to bet on. And this step couldn’t be simpler: on the main screen, start by selecting the sport in question (eg football), the country (eg Portugal) and then the competition (eg Liga NOS). A new page will appear, with all the corresponding events (eg all Liga NOS games of the day). Just click on the one that interests you (ex: Gil Vicente-Santa Clara).
4. Choose the market you want to bet on

Now that you are in the game of your choice, several markets will be available. At the top of the list, when it comes to football betting, you will find the classic “1X2?”, “double chance” or “number of goals”, but also more specific markets, such as “which player will score”? or “in which will the first goal be scored?” Find the bet that interests you and click on the corresponding odds to select it. ) It is always good to remember before selecting your bet.
5. Validate bet amount and bet slip

After selecting the odds (and thus the bet) of your choice, a bulletin will open on the screen. Here you will find the event you have chosen and the odds, as well as a space for the bet amount. This is where you will need to enter the amount you wish to bet. For this purpose, you cannot, of course, bet more money than you have in your account. If you want to bet €10, for example, enter “10″ in the box provided for this purpose and click on the bet validation button. This button is usually located below the coupon and is quite visible.
6. Wait for the end of the game in question

Your sports bet is now properly placed at the bookmaker, just waiting for the end of the game. Here, our advice is to comfortably follow the game and fully feel the emotions associated with your bet. As 먹튀검증 will notice, betting (sports betting) usually offers incomparable sensations.
7. Receive your winnings in case of a winning bet

Once the match is over, there are two scenarios that arise: either you lose your bet, in which case nothing happens, and your remaining capital is reduced by the amount of your bet (eg -10€ if you bet 10€); or won your bet. In this case, the amount won will be credited directly to your account (eg + €20 if you won €20), and you can withdraw it without further delay. Please be aware, however, that a period of a few minutes may be required for winnings to be credited to your account.
8. Withdraw your winnings, if you wish

Finally, if after the winning bet you want to withdraw your winnings, know that the process will be extremely easy. Also from the menu at the top of the screen, select the “Withdrawals” tab, which will take you to a specific new page. The operation is then simple: mention the amount you want to withdraw and validate the operation using the appropriate button. Once this process is complete, you have just won your first online bet and received your winnings. A treat!

You are now aware of the basics of placing an online sports bet. We repeat: the process is very simple and websites in Portugal are 100% secure. You can bet without fear! Happy betting everyone!

Sports betting: How to bet online?

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